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Though online shopping is very convenient, one of the main disadvantages is that the seller, from retail fitouts, may charge an additional amount for delivery of the item to the address specified, which is called the shipping charges. When a person is personally visiting a shop to purchase any item he is spending his time and also money to travel to the shop, especially if the shop is some distance away from his residence. For online shopping, the seller is offering delivery of the item purchased to any specified address, and for this, the seller may charge an additional amount for delivery of the item, which is billed separately as the shipping charges.

What sites have free shipping?

A large number of e-commerce or online retail sites have free shipping for orders above a particular value. The order value is usually specified at the website. The amount of profit which an online retailer will make for an order will depend to a large extent on the order value. Since the customer will prefer not to pay an additional amount only for shipping, the online retailer will try to lure them to place larger orders, by offering them free shipping. Usually, the profit margin of the online retailer for orders above a particular value is sufficient to cover the cost of the shipping.

How can I get free shipping?

Most online retail stores will specify their terms and conditions for shipping. While a few online stores may not offer free shipping, a majority of online stores will offer free shipping, if the terms and conditions are met. Usually, free shipping is offered for orders above a specific value. This value is specified at the online store. In some cases, premium members of the website, who are spending more than the specified amount, are also eligible for free shipping. However, free shipping is sometimes not offered for urgent delivery items, which have to be delivered the next day. Online retailers selling high-value items like jewellery may offer free shipping on all items.

Is free shipping free?

Like all other services, the online retailer has some cost associated with delivering the items ordered online to the customer. However, if the online retailer is selling a large number of items, or is using a delivery service which delivers a large number of items in the area, the cost of delivering the items is fairly less. So for orders above a particular value, the cost of shipping will be far less than the profit which the online retailer is making. So to encourage customers to place orders above a particular value, free shipping is offered as a marketing tactic.

Does Walmart always have free shipping?

Officially on the Walmart retail site, it is specified that free shipping is offered for orders of value above $35. These items are usually delivered within two business days of placing the order. In case, the order value is less than $35, the shipping fees charged by Walmart are $5.99. There may be an additional shipping fee for delivery in Hawaii, Alaska and other US territories, which are not part of the 48 contiguous states in the United States. This free shipping is only available for delivery of items to customers homes.

Who pays for free shipping?

Though the online retailer is reducing his profit margin to some extent by offering free shipping, ultimately it is the online shopper who is paying for the free shipping when he orders the item online. The amount the online shopper is paying for the items ordered is usually sufficient to cover the cost of the item, shipping expenses and profit margin of the retailer. Often items sold online have a warranty and guarantee period. It should be noted that for items where shipping is specified separately, the seller will not refund the shipping cost when the items are returned. On the other hand, for items with free shipping, the customer will get a refund of the entire amount paid for the item.

Does free shipping mean free delivery?

Though the invoice or bill for the item ordered online, will usually not show an additional shipping cost if free shipping is specified, the customer has to pay the price of the item before it is delivered. No online seller of any product can afford to ship items for completely free to customers. Even if free samples are being offered online, usually shipping charges have to be paid. So though the delivery person for the item ordered will not collect delivery charges for free shipping, the item cost will have to be paid either online or to the delivery person.

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