All You Need To Know About Shop Now Pay Later Option

July 3, 2020 By admin

The world is too much addicted to online marketing. Online and e-commerce sites constantly offer something attractive and interesting to customers. Buy now pay later option is one of them. It is an interesting option that can allow you to make the delayed payment. The period of delayed payment will start from the date of order. 

Let’s get some clear idea about this payment option and enjoy the benefits. 
What is the shop now pay later?

Shop now pay later is an interesting buying option. It helps you to make the delayed payment. The delayed payment period may start from the date of the order including the pre-ordered items and those items are not yet dispatched. For this option, you may also choose from these two options. These options are such as follows:

  • If you spend $50 or more then you can enjoy this particular option for 6 months. One month is 28 days here.
  • If you spend $200 or more, then you can enjoy the option of 12 months.
How does buy now pay later work?

You will have to select this particular option at the time of checking out. You will have to simply add your purchases to your account. The gateway or the site will automatically calculate the paying amount for you. You can also avoid the interest amount by paying the cash amount before the end of the delayed payment period. 

Is buy now pay later bad?

It is not a new idea. You can get the same advantage with the credit cards as well. It is safe and not a bad idea. But you will have to pay within the limited time format. Or else, you need to pay the interest rates. 

What is ZIP own it now pay later?

For your kind information, Zip Pay is a reusable account of $1000. It will allow you to shop now and pay later option. You can make many purchases as you want within the limit of your account. This is the best payment tailor that will suit your lifestyle. 

Does Afterpay check your credit?

No, they cannot check your credit score. So, it is a matter of less tension activity. The Afterpay will not affect your overall credit score. They are not checking your credit score before your application to Afterpay. But you will have to use it responsibly. You will need to meet your payments promptly. For this reason, so many users love Afterpay. 

Does Amazon do buy now pay later?

Yes, Amazon has this particular option for their customers. They also give their customers the zero interest credit on the products listed on their e-commerce site. The customers need to pay for the next months. Or else, they can complete their payments through EMIs start from 3 to 12 months. 

So, as you can see, this particular option is now in the trend. But before choosing this buying option, you will have to choose a reliable and trustworthy platform. It is very much important in this case. 

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